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It is December!!

It is finally December!! It is party season!!.

Let's make a good excuse to get together and have a great party with everyone you love.

Holiday Tasing Menu $80 with 2 hours limited drinks.

Course come with is value more than $60 and one more appetizer + 2 hours

limited drink.Now you can throrw Yakiniku Party for end of the year with everyone.

Also, We have happy hour!!

Monday~Thur 5pm~7pm

Honetsuki $15 becomes $7.25

Our popular Assorted Plate $48 becomes $24

We have a lot of delicious dishes to show you guys on next blog, stay tuned.

Restaurant:Yakiniku Gen

Location: 250 E 52nd St New York, NY 10022

Phone:(212) 602-1129


Go to reservation page←Click

Instagram @yakinikugen

Facebook @yakinikugenny

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