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Now you can make reservation online

Updated: Feb 4, 2019

We have been working on system to make reservation on website. Now it is working and you can make a reservation through our website

Below image is how our resrevation page looks like.

before ,Customer had to call our restaurant directly or had to send us message from our contact page on our website.

Now it is a lot easier, just choose date and time on our website and click "Make a reservation" . After you make a reservation, we will contact you to confirm your reservation.

How simple is that?

Now lets enjoy Yakiniku

Please feel free to make reservation or call our restaurant

Restaurant:Yakiniku Gen

Location: 250 E 52nd St New York, NY 10022

Phone:(212) 602-1129


Go to reservation page←Click

Instagram @yakinikugen

Facebook @yakinikugenny

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