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Yakiniku Bento

Updated: Aug 12, 2019

Now Yakiniku Gen is making delicious bento and tied up with one of the most famous Japanese Yakiniku restaurant called "Yakiniku Toraji" from Japan.

This Yakiniku bento is perfect for your dinner when you are hungry for Yakiniku but don't have time to stay in restaurant or you just simple wanna eat this yakiniku bento at your favorite place.

Regular Yakiniku Bento is $18 and Jyo Yakiniku Bento( Premium Yakiniku Bento) $22

Finally you can enjoy Yakiniku Toraji's delicious bento in NY!!

We open our restaurant from 5pm daily but we sell this bento box from 11:30am to End of the resutaurant business hour. so you can simply call us to order and pick up anytime you want. it is perfect choice when you are lazy to go out to eat.

Restaurant:Yakiniku Gen

Location: 250 E 52nd St New York, NY 10022

Phone:(212) 602-1129


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Instagram @yakinikugen

Facebook @yakinikugenny

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