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We Only Serve Takeout and Postmates until Further Notice

Call For Takeout our delicious Yakiniku Bento!!

(212) 602-1129


Reservation will be cancel 20 min after your reservation time if you don't show up

How To Make A Reservation

Step 1.

Choose Your Date

Please choose date at least a day ahead because we need time to confirm your reservation. If you wanna make reservation in same day, Please call our restaurant directly at (212) 602-1129

Step 2.

Choose Your Time 

Step 3.

Choose Your Party Size

Step 4.

Give us Your Info

Please give us your name, phone number, so we will call you to confirm your reservation. 

Step 5.

Wait For Our Comfirmation

after you make a reservation, we will make sure your reservation and confirm your it by sending you text.

Your reservation must get our confirmation text to get activated by Yakiniku Gen

Step 6.

Enjoy Yakiniku Gen

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